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Why choose Coffee Beanery to PERK up your fundraising program?

Profit is one of the most important things when evaluating fundraisers and rightly so; fundraisers take a lot of time and effort! CB offers a 40% profit, no charge for order forms or shipping* In fact, you keep your 40% up front and send us the other 60% before receiving your order.

One of the best aspects for the organizer is that our products are non-perishable and easy to carry. I have done my share of fundraisers and sometimes there is not enough freezer space in the world to take care of all of the orders that didn’t get picked up. We even go a step further…as long as your order is over 30 items we individually pack each order into a separate box. No bulk order to sort, each box is pre-sorted and clearly labeled with the sellers name as well as the optional secondary designator such as Teacher, Coach, Classroom or any other classification that the organizer determines would be helpful on hand-out day.


We have all bought an item from a fundraiser and after receiving it being astounded at the “mini” size!! Here at CB we have a lot of value to offer to your customers; our coffees are retail priced, just like you would buy at a Coffee Beanery store. In fact, it is pulled from the same shelves at our world headquarters in Michigan as our stores so it is always fresh roasted and delicious.

Our goal is to make this as simple and profitable for you as possible. We are here to answer any questions that you have and offer the same outstanding customer service that our retail customers have enjoyed for over 35 years..

The majority of the year you will get your order in one week plus shipping time from the time you place your order. By Christmas we extend this to two weeks.

*Free shipping with a

minimum $250 order
*Please note that we ship pallets so they must go to a school or business.